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Dear Carol,

I can't express what an amazing time we all had at Smith Rock. The weather was perfect; the climbs were mostly in the shade and the variety of climbs ranged from easy to difficult, challenging each individual girl to their level of abillty. The instruction, especially the safety concerns, were all easy to understand and implemented well.

We were all so impressed with the guides' patience with the girls. Soft-spoken words of encouragement were heard throughout both trips. The way they let the girls figure things out on their own was inspiring. A special thank you to them.

Today, I did a closure group with the girls and it sounds like they had just as much fun, if not more fun than the staff did. They could all relate this experience to something at home, learned a lot and gained some perspective on their journey in life. Most of all they had a lot of fun!

Once again, thank you for your vast knowledge of climbing and your excellent presentation of Smith Rock. Many of the girls want to further pursue climbing. It was a complete success!


Terese Thompson
Janice Beek
The Academy at Sisters
Bend, OR

Dear Carol,

It's Tuesday morning, and I'm sitting at my office looking out at a grey L.A. day, and wishing I were in Oregon instead of here! I showed my kids the pictures of me climbing and they were truly impressed that I actually allowed myself to hang off the side of a rock!

I will send a couple of photos when I get reprints made, but wanted to take a quiet moment now to thank you for a wonderful time. As you know, I had been rather apprehensive, but I enjoyed myself from start to finish and loved the camraderie that can only be found in a group of open minded, adventurous women!

Best Regards,

Lisa Edmondson
Los Angeles, CA



Dear Carol,

First let me thank you for an incredible experience!

Our spring break trip was probably the best excursion ever taken by a St. Stephens group. Not only did the students feel safe the entire time they were climbing, they came away with an informed grasp on the sport that I believe will keep them climbing for a long, long time. This was our main goal.

I want to especially thank you for the time you spent with Beth. She had to overcome some very real barriers to climb with us and I doubt she would have accomplished as much as she did without you there. During the multi-pitch – hundreds of feet off the ground – she told me that the week there at Smith Rock had done more for her than five years of counseling. That is making a difference.

Thanks again for all your patience, encouragement and knowledge. I hope you have a great year.


Mike Davis
St. Stephens Episcopal School
Austin, TX


Dear First Ascent,

In life the main goal is to get to the top. But first, there needs to be someone to show you the way. We really appreciate what you have done for our Redmond High School Recreation class. Thank you for sharing information on the safety and equipment necessary for rock climbing. We all had a lot of fun and learned so much, thanks to you.

Signed by all the kids in the Redmond High Recreation class






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